Are claimed thoroughbreds other highstrung?

I love thoroughbreds as well as mustangs. but thoroughbreds are a better choice for me. Where should i attain one? a cliaming race? how in the order of a rescue? I want it to be sweet, and since i am only a intermidate rider, i don't want it to own to much problems to work with.
Maybe some small jump ability.
Answers: If you want a thouroughbred later you should get one, even if you are an intermediate rider, it doesn't really thing. Many people will read aloud that they are highly strung and flighty horses, the honest truth is that they can be. When i voice can be, i'm talking almost the majority of the breed and this is where they receive stereotyped as being flighty and unpredictable. However a minority of TB are far from flighty and unruley.

Iused to own four TB, two of which were absoulute nightmares, they be just so unpredictable that they made the ride unenjoyable, one be a dream horse but had integrated problems at the age of 15 so had to be retired and the other i still own, because there be no other horse as perfect, not the one bit spooky or tough to handle even though she is 6yr, and i still own her! Know if you want an ex-racer they are the ones that want to run, but some lately want to have fun and don't own a bad moral fibre, but then others do. However once again not adjectives racers are crazy, my friend bought a TB ex-racer, he was human being retired from racing because he be too laid back, he simply wouldn't run as nippy or sometimes even come out of the gate! But any Tb will do any get as they are really atheletic and good sports horses.

Now i don't know much roughly speaking mustangs, but i've heard they hold similar temprements to a TB. But all i can vote is no matter what society say roughly speaking a horse and how many DONT BUY THIS HORSE or YOUR NOT experienced adequate. Just ignore them because contained by every breed there will be a discouraging horse, but in every breed here is always a appropriate horse! When going to buy your horse judge respectively horse you veiw on their individual personalities, don't verbs about the breed stereotypes, of late alsong as you can handle it! biddable luck!
A lot of people are going to speak "no" OTT Thoroughbreds for intermediate riders, because they do tend to be hot.

So...I'd recommend this. Get a TB from a REPUTABLE (Caps, underline, bold, bold bold) rescue/rehabber where on earth the horses are actually developed and evaluated earlier being offered for adoption.

New Vocations at is such a place. These folks are definitely the sterling ideal of rescue.

And how refreshing to see an intermediate rider who is astute enough to know their take a cookie. (I don't know what's up with me and this "cookie" item, it's something my daughter started and it's stuck.
I REALLY wouldn't recommend adopting a TB to ride unless you are an advanced rider. You don't want to bite rotten more than you can chew... ESPECIALLY if you want a thoroughbred. A lot of thoroughbreds in rescues enjoy leg issues, too. I also wouldn't recommend getting an ex-racehorse. My ex racer was pretty much INSANE. I couldn't catch him to stop running, he always have to be in front of the other horses and would tug butt ahead of them when I was with the sole purpose looking for an easy canter, and he be terrified of horses along the trail and he panic every time a man would get implicit him. He obviously wasn't treated powerfully on the track. Thoroughbreds are high-spirited... they're bred that was to sit out all of the rash abuse (no offense to anyone) they business with contained by the racing industry. Have you considered I don`t know a thoroughbred/QH cross? I had my mind set on a thoroughbred, too, for my first horse since I'm so elevated. It ended up not man the horse for me. Good luck!

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