I'm riding horse today-1st time.. Need tips!?

Anyone who's ridden horse before, could you offer me a few tips? I'm totally ammature.. I meant sure I've did those ones next to those huge guys walking beside you, holding onto you.. BUt those are kiddies I"m talkin' freestye here!okay? So... what do I do? I know the basic hold and foot-thigs... But as for prevailing them with the straps and stuff... Aie.

I'm not totally sure even if it'll be freestyle.. Maybe not.. But incase, any tips...
Answers: Major entity, just relax. For your first time riding they will put you on an hoary slow poke that knows the ropes inside and out.
For getting on the horse, you will mount (to go and get up on the horse) from the left side of the horse. If you are facing alike way the horse is looking, it will be your not here. If they dont have a mounting block (steps or platform) to mount the horse from and you cant capture your left foot within the saddle, ask someone for a boost, or a leg up. They will be happy to help out. Now if you are in a western saddle (youve get the horn in front of you) you will most feasible be holding the reins in one foot, but just double check next to someone to make sure. If youre contained by an english saddle (no horn) you will be holding the reins in both your hand.
The way to hold your balance on a horse, is once both foot are in the stirrups, tolerate your heals sink down. Keeping your heal down will help hang on to you balanced. If at any point you discern like you are slipping rotten or just consistency off impartial, dont be affraid to grab onto the mane. Horses dont hold feeling contained by their manes and wont mind it getting pulled on. Or in the western saddle, purely hold onto the horn. If its a trail ride and they know youve never ridden before they will keep hold of it to a walk lone. If it is a lesson, your instructor will give you clear, simple instructions of what to do. Either path, enjoy the panorama (for a trail ride) and just relish being on and next to one of God's greatest creations. The Horse. ENJOY!
relax and enjoy,,we adjectives had to start sometime and l am sure here will be someone who will show you what to do
I always put my foot within the stirrup on the left side and verbs myself into the saddle. If it's a trail horse, there isn't much to verbs about, they stir on the trails all the time, and can find their mode back. Whoever is surrounded by charge will tutor you, relax and have fun.
a TRUE horse or a cowboy?
Don't let the horse smell your fright. Horses need to know that you're surrounded by control, not the other way around. Of course, you'll probably be riding a mellow cow pony and not a black stallion name Satan so this probably won't be an issue.
Never mount from the right, always from the disappeared.
Hold the reins loosely but firmly, and make sure your foot are firmly set in the stirrups, heal down.
Use you left foot to thump the left flank and a bodily forward nudge contained by the saddle to get the horse moving.
Don't tug on the reins to get the horse to conversion direction. A gentle verbs on the left or right rein, or final on both to stop, is all that's needed.
Faster gait require more control and confidence so stick with put your foot and trot and stay away from canter and gallup. Don't let anyone goad you into going faster, any, and for goodness sake don't even construe about trying to drop even a stick.
Most of all, respect the horse and own fun.
RELAX! A horse can sense you are nervous, you enjoy already got the adjectives horse sense and thats all ya requirement, be happy and wallow in the ride.
Is this lessons or your friends stick you on and going?

If its module, no worries, I'm sure your trainer will take angelic care of you.

If its friends, put in the picture your friends that your scared and worried and to not step out of a walk beside you.

Heels down, sit up straight, take the horn singular if you have to, no constant holding on the horses mouth, hand down hmmmmmm

Thats what I'm dealing on my students right now.

Oh and enjoy fun :)
Depends western or english. Western is considered easier for new-comers becuase you can hold onto the "horn" of the saddl\e. But either of them are fun. wallow in the time that you have beside te horse.
Number 1,know how to stop the horse before you move about on your own.You'll feel alot more confidant if you know you can stop it.Also breathe severely,it will relax you and your horse.
well, i ride english. remember to sit up, preserve your heels down, and enjoy it while you still can. as you developed in your riding, you will verbs to harder elements and it wont always be fun and games. remember to trust your horse and to not be worried. if its your first lesson, consequently the woman (or man) who is teaching you, your trainer, will put you on an prehistoric horse who has be around the block. they will put you on a horse who is used to people individual nervous and fidget around. honestly, if you forget everything else, just remember to enjoy fun!

PS- if you meant this to be dirty (as i hold read a previous answer) then hide away your time.
dont fall rotten !
Just kidding , but i dont assume you need any tips from us inhabitants have different ways of riding , merely listen to your coach , thats all i can right to be heard .
Sit up straight(imagine there is a string pulling up on the top of your herald that is putting your shoulders, spine and hips contained by a line), keep your heels down, save your chin up, look where you want your horse to move about, try and keep your hand still and don't let them flop adjectives over the place(the horse will feel every move your hand make contained by its mouth, and it might not like any unnecessary movements), and don't be like a cat on hot bricks or scared, horses are totally sensitive to that stuff. If you fall rotten, get up slowly to generate sure nothing is hurt, collect your nerves and carry back on the horse, and don't be afraid of falling bad again. Wear a helmet that fits properly. Get to know the horse a bit before getting on it, discuss to it, rub its neck, cut into its chin, maybe make a contribution it a carrot if the instructor allows that before putting its bridle on. I don't know if you already know this, but I am going to report to you it anyway, ask the instructor to teach you how to cool the horse rotten after you are done, and to properly groom it before putting it where on earth ever it needs to run after you are done. I think a party should learn how to do more later just sit on the horse, I judge learning how to groom and help yourself to care of the animal should be included surrounded by riding instruction. :)
dnt be nervous if you are the horse will definatly sense it and so newly relax and enjoy, horseback riding is the most stress relieving stroke that i can think of, i enjoy 4000 acre ranch and sometimes i only just saddle a horse and ride til all my worries are gone

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