Any Horse Training Books You Can Recommend?

I'm about to finish "Storey's Guide to Training Horses" by Heather Smith Thomas.

It be okay, but there are some holes surrounded by the information. And she is extremely repetitive in adjectives sense advice. Is in attendance anything you can recommend? I want a book by an author that KNOWS how a horse thinks and react. And, I don't want a book that is primarily on training contained by different styles of riding. I'll be starting my horse myself in adjectives areas of training.
Thanks! *DVD recommendations make the acquaintance of, too!*
Answers: Richard Shrake has a file of resistance free training and riding books that are awesome!! I really enjoyed them and literary a lot. He really help you bond with your horse witch is a crucial step to training okay I think!
I prefer a trainer over any book...

I currently train next to Olympian Ed Rothkranz, and if you could find some sort of well set trainer, go for that.
"Basic training for the immature horse" by Reiner Klimke is my bible! No matter what discipline you ride, this book is invaluable.

I've included a website that have his book for sale. Happy hunting!
my favorite trainer is Gawani Pony Boy. he wrote a couple of books, one of them is Horse Follow Closely. you might want to check out his website, too. its

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