Buying a rescue horse?

I just come accross this website while searching for horses for sale and there be one horse that caught my eye. The horse right now is at Another Chance 4 Horses within CT. Anyone have any experience next to rescue horses?
That's the horse that caught my eye, cause from what I couched it's fairly very well mannered and knows the ground rules.

Is purchasing a rescued horse a good hypothesis? Why or why not?

From what you all can see within the pictures, does his conformation look good? Anything that looks questionable? Thanks a ton!
Answers: Purchasing a rescue horse is not a well brought-up idea unless you really know your horses. Too frequent have be mistreated and abused. An abused horse may act adjectives friendly one moment but can never be completely trusted because they will never completely trust another human. Such a horse is a danger to the inexperienced horse being. Listen to good direction on this one. Yes rescue horses are inexpensive. Yes SOME are wonderful horses. But the cons far out weigh the pros. I would say that if you needed to ask the give somebody the third degree then you are probably unwary for one. Take it from somebody who loves horses but has be injured by them too many times to count, mind your Ps and Qs with rescue horses.

Case contained by point. My brother in tenet got a rescue horse. I said when he get it he would be hurt. In less than a month it bucked stale his little girl while she was mortal led and threw him to the ground. It also tried to see him once. He gave it away.

Another travel case. I have a horse that be mistreated (handled rough but not truly abused) to this day she will not allow anyone to touch her halter while someone is mounting or dismounting. Any other time is fine, but do it later and the rider will have a mean fall.

Another grip. A couple farms I know and pop in have several rescue horses. Most are unridable. A few are but most are far from it. Even those that be never abused often be malnourished to the point of have severe medical problems and result in the trial owners having surprisingly dignified vet bills for the rest of the horses life.
ya consequently he sould work for you he is very pretty contained by every other way and if you dont plan on in reality showing him on barrels then he should be basically fine and yes i do belive that whatever desires to grow up a little it is markedly inmature to be negitive about anything that you post she isnt the one that have to buy the horse so why does she care so much

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