My horse has a dandruff problem help?

its not to bad but when i brush her i git alot of dandruff flakes and it makes her scratch alot is there anything i can bath her in to help this problem a bit? i live in the desert where its hot all summer so i need somthing thats not going to cast an arm and a legg but is going to help keep her skin mosteriesd so that shes is not scratching so much.
first of all i agree with everything that everyone else said about certain shampoos and calling the vet for advice.

second of all to DICE - what the hell is wrong with you! horse ppl are never lonely, they're everything BUT lonely! barn friends are the best type you can have! plus we have lives.. theres no life like a horse life! obviously you have nothing better to do than critize people that you obviously know nothing aboout! >:(

sorry... i felt like that needed to be said. haha =]
dandruff shampoo!
Call the vet.
Is this a double-entendre
you are horse have dandruff problem try using head and shoulder lol juset kidding i really dont know
use horse and shoulders shampooo.. worked for my silly pony...
There is a line of products called Mane an dTail or it is called Tail and Mane.

You can find them at any Co-op or TSC (Tractor Supply Store)
Make sure you are really rinsing her well. You don't want the soap to stay in it may be that. You can also try Good luck;^)
Are you using the correct shampoo AND conditioner? It's very important. Your horse my also have an allergy to something.
Put vegetable oil on her feed and make sure she has a shaded area in the pasture so she can get out of the sun. Frequent bathing will only make the problem worse.
Someone told me to use baby oil. i tried it on my friends horse who, had really bad dandruff, and it seemed to work, also baby oil is cheap. Just rub it in, it's easy and quick.

You could put corn/vegetable oil in the feed, but oils in feed makes a horse gain weight really really fast, so unless the horse is skinny don't use oil in the feed.
You can use a medicated equine shampoo - which will help the dandruff problem. Wash the tail once a week keep it brushed. You can try mane and tail conditioner for the tail, apply it after you wash but rinse it out after a few minutes, don't leave it in...leaving it in can cause worse flaking in this instance. Keep her tail clean and washed weekly - the flaking should stop soon.
hi. i would try no to bath her too much as you would brush all the oils out of her coat, i would say just keep giving her a good brush every day that will her her coat reproduce more oils which inturn will help her skin, check she dosnt have a mite and check its not sweet itch caused by flies.
You may want to try this shampoo. I have really good luck with it. Has no dyes or perfumes that can cause itches and flakes and is very earth friendly. And super easy (and fun) to use. Good Luck!
Switch they shampoo you are using on her.
Try a better horse feed, and a madicated shampoo. Never ad any home remidy products in the feed, they colic enough without asking for trouble!
My horse has VERY bad dandruff. When I bathe her for shows, we use the copy of Head and Shoulders, Equate. It's a brand of dandruff shampoo and works really well on Magic's mane. She can go for several days without a sign of dandruff.
It sounds like your horse may have summer itch. Whether or not she does one of the best shampoos for skin problems is bedodine based. Other shampoos include lytar and pyoben also works great, but both usually are ony sold by a vet. You could visit a local vets office or feed store to see what they suggest too. Hope I've been of help and good luck.
you might want to try a different shampoo. I use mane and tail shampoo and conditioner on mine
Are you bathing her now? That may be the problem if you are bathing her in to harsh of a chemical. To much bathing could be the problem too, as horses need to maintain oil in their skin and hair.
There is lots of soaps to address this problem and some costs' are ridiculous. But the best shampoo I have found to help with the itching and dandruff was at Wal-Mart in the dog care isle. It is made for the same problem with dogs and cost is a fraction of what the vet will sell you.
You also might watch this horses diet. You can adjust the diet with some additives to make their coat oilier and, in turn, shinier.
are you sure it is dandruff and not scurf?
Consult with your vet or books that specify feeding for your particular area. Your horse may be lacking in some essential nutrients that could cause the coat to be dull or flaky. Usually, if the diet is adequate, the coat should be quite lustrous, so you need to check into this. High quality feed in addition to hay should help, as hay alone will not provide proper nutrition. Also check with the vet regarding shampoos and cleansing programs for your climate. Check to be sure she does not have a fungus or mites. Is your horse on a regular worming program so that the nutrients you are feeding her are not lost by parasite infestation?

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