Average girth size?

I bought a horse today and need to know the right girth size for him short measuring. He is a TN backpacker standardbred mix 15.2, slim to normal build. It is for a western saddle.

Below are a few pictures.
Isn't his big ol' cranium cute. =]
Answers: A 32" or 34" cinch works fine on the average-sized horse.
Aww what a cutie. Are you getting a girth or a cinch?
Either way, lacking measuring the best means of access is to borrow other people's girths/cinches to see what's closest. Or you could just guesstimate and run rear and forth from the tack shop, or just buy several girths and return those that don't fit.
Sorry, there's basically no way we can narrate you the exact size you'll need on the internet.
And because adjectives saddles fit near girths differently as well.
There's this one horse at my barn who is really skinny (just rescued), but he have a HUGE girth for one who looks so small.
CONGRATS TO U ,yes he is a cutie,nice build too,im not sure about the girth, mabye a atmosphere,you can allways take it posterior and exchange it if you get the wrong size,you could also try to referee the distance with a measure tape, thats what i did when i get my TB

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