Anybody wanna play vet?

Ok here s one of those helpful question I mentioned in my ultimate question asked:) Told yall I be going to be asking a lot.

Last april (2007) a friend of mine have her buckskin qh gelding suddenly come up with a enormously weird skin condition. Buck started losing adjectives his hair at first a moment ago around the withers afterwards it progressed down his back and belly, soon the poor guy be almost bald adjectives over except for head , mane and tail. We treated it as deer fungus , precipitation rot..etc but none of the medicatison for that helped. Had a vet come out and he recomeneded mixing bleach near water and sprayign Buck down. Buck did not enjoy the crusty scabby like spots usually associated next to rain rot or deer fungus , he be not running a temp or allergic to anything. So what was wrong beside him? took us calling a bunch of vets to find out what be wrong. Put down what you think it be, closest to correct answer gets the points:)
Answers: That's a suitable one, to be honest I've never heard of this past, I would guess it might have to do near wrong nutrition, maybe the horse get exposed to a chemical substance in the ground taken contained by by the horse while grazing or so...
maybe the answer help me too, I've had a similar problem 20 years ago myself, my curls started to fall out first on the top of my herald as a little spot and presently I'm bald, but luckily it stopped near the hair on my pave the way...LOL
Oh man, I read about this a few months ago. Dang... Its unusual right? I'm coming back to this

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