Are feeding raw eggs bad or good for horses?

I am really not sure and it's bugging me!
Adding an egg to a bran mash for strength is an old horseman's remedy that has been around for more years than I have been alive. It doesn't hurt the horse, as long as it isn't done to excess. Don't panic, an occasional egg will not hurt anything, and it does put a shine on the coat. Hope this helps.
Why would you do that? They are herbivores. That means grains & grasses only.
Not good, is my vote.
Don't do it, it's not going to help the horse in any way so what's the point?
Raw eggs can contain salmonella and horses can contract that just as easily as people. It can lead to laminitis and septicemia. Not a good idea to feed raw eggs and why would you want to, horses are herbivores.
I can't imagine a scenerio where a horse would need a raw egg. Better not to feed them eggs and stick with forage and grains - keep it basic and natural.
That's awful! Who told you this? Horses should never eat raw eggs or any egg in general. They are herbivores meaning they eat grasses and grains and things of such, NO meat. Your horse could become awful sick if you did this, chances are your horse wouldn't even eat it unless you stirred it up and poured it in his grain. Which you SHOULD NOT do.
way wood you wont to feed eggs
Why would you want to do that ?
Horses are grazing animals not hunters, their bodies are not equipped to deal with that type of food.
Eggs should NOT be feed to horses! They do bring out shine but so. Use a gromming product not eggs. Eggs contain disease and a horse can be affected greatly by that. So thats a BIG NO!
Hard boil them. They are full of protein. I have fed sickly, under weight horses hard boiled eggs, not raw!
I fed my colt raw eggs. The vet said it was fine and it gave him a very shiny coat!
I only use whats approved for horses, that goes for feed, fly spray, medication and so on. Makers spend tons of money in research, not counting endless hourse dealing with the e.p.a. and ag. dept to get there product approved. Home remedies? I always laugh at that, if they worked so good, market it yourself and make a ton of money!
It is okay but you don't want to give a lot. It helps the horses gut and coat. But be careful how much you give them.
its bad could make them sick and etc
if you're doing it for shine, try adding some corn oil instead, or feeding higher fat horse food.
No, I'm surprised if the horse eats it.

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