Buckskin Stallion; best horse surrounded by your feelings?

The question is broad so I'm going to try to dogmatic it down for you.
Looking for a buckskin stallion under 16h, no socks, discreet type head(not so blocky looking), nice hip, good foot, sloping shoulder, short short top line, extreme length to the stress, beautiful eye(no blue!) and a virtuous disposition.

Idealy he would be between 14.2h and 15.2h with no markings at adjectives. I don't mind something a little cow hocked or ewe necked (although not other common, of late saying) I don't like blue eyes, socks, pink skin or horses next to small heads for their bodies.

Reason I don't enjoy a preferred breed is because I have found I approaching a few:
Foundation QH
Kiger Mustang

Something of that sort, doesn't have to be one of those breeds, although preferred.

I'm not trying to cause offence anyone in my nouns on horse conformation, breed or color!!
Answers: The horse you are describing sounds like a divine horse, and don't worry. You wont outrage anyone in your nouns of horse conformation, breed, or color. Everyone has here favorites. Here are a couple pictures of my appaloosa Takoda. I'm sure there are tons of inhabitants who find his color un-natural and unappealing, but I search long and hard to find a horse beside the markings like he have. But, I really don't care what other those think. I love him and his color and nobody can swing my mind. Enjoy!






And in this picture (this is one of my fav. features of his color) he have a huge handprint on the side of his butt. It's very cool.

Look on a horse website, not petqna.com.

Try www.dreamhorse.com, www.equine.com, www.equinehits.com, www.horsetopia.com, or some other ones.

I don't know if you approaching paints or not, but my friend's barrel trainer, who is a friend of my trainer, have a really great buckskin tobiano stallion. He had four foals this spring, adjectives out of solid sorrel or grey mares, and all be flashy paints. One was an amazing bucksking filly.
Anyways, he's get great bloodlines, he's the only buckskin paint stallion standing by Firewater Flit. His nickname is Strait Firewater.

Thought I'd tell you going on for him in shield you were interested.

Good luck.
if the grill you are asking is if a bucksin stallion if the best horse in my assessment; my answer will be no. ANY horse can be a good horse no business what color, size, markings, or gender. And any horse can be a impossible horse. It all depends on the horse itself

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