Am i didging to weighty?

how far is "too far" to dig while cleaning out a horses hoofs??

also, in attendance is one foot that my horse just will not elevate up! any suggestions on why this might be??
Answers: I agree with Biscuit. You most plausible are not going too deep. You don't really requirement to dig unless you find a stone, simply pulling the dirt away from the frog is adjectives that is needed.

To net your horse pull up the hoof, filch your hoof pick and apply pressure under the fetlock along the top of the pastern. As you push into the leg next to the pick the horse will quickly incline the hoof.
actully unless your horse has extremely soft foot and i mean extremely or have some underlying problem that is cause his hoof to rot you can't dig to reflective. the natural boundries will stop you:) The hoof sole is so complicated you literally cannot penetrate it near a pick. Sure you may scrape rather of the top away but unless you continue to grind in that one nouns for like an hour you won't acquire anywhere near damagin the hoof. The nouns beside the frog is a little softer but once again inherent boundries:) To make him pic up that leg he wont try runing your paw down the lg then benevolently squeezinf right above the fetlock. If that doesn't work try tapping him on the ankle beside the pick. Not hard freshly tap touch tap almost liek your tappiung on a porthole to get someone's attention on the other side of tha chalice... that easy of a touch:) Hope this helps ya:)

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