Barbaro died .. but how?

did Barabaro die at a slaughter house because i saw a video that said he did on youtube.
Answers: I just only just bought a book on his whole enthusiasm, although I already knew in the region of the whole chance, and telss it piece by piece how. He had gotten laminitis at first surrounded by his back departed leg after breaking his back right leg and after a while he be showing improvement. On January 28, 2007, he be deemed undamaging to go home and restore your health, he no longer needed any care at the vet's. On the Day of January 29, 2007, he have a great set back and the found laminitis contained by his front two hooves. They then made the conclusion that it was best to put him down and they did.
no. he be put to sleep after a turbulent recovery that ultimately completed badly.
He died at the vet where on earth he had be for MONTHS. Where have you be??

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