And the horse board awards stir to......?

In an attempt to regain some Christmas spirit around here, I thought it would be nice if we could all enjoy a turn at saying something nice more or less somebody else on the board, is there somebody whose answers really hit the smudge or perhaps someone that simply cracks you up laughing and you want them to know or is there someone explicitly just wacky (but contained by a nice way)?
Here's my picks;
I like reading Conalovers answers - she's get a smart head on her shoulders for such a immature one.
Debi - tons of common sense and incredibly down to earth
PH - other makes me smirk especially when she rips me roughly speaking my 80's lipstick (long story)
Mike and Kicking Bear - nice to get the mannish perspective on the chick board :-)
So who would you like to make a contribution a nod to and wish Merry Christmas?
Answers: I dig nods to anyone who give a good honest sensible answer. I hand over lots of nods to you Lisa, mulereiner , Debi , and economically those that are on my contacts list as you adjectives are very learned and try hard to serve others and actually ask moral questions that will not solitary further your personal knowledge but that of others as in good health!

hahahah I got 4 thumbs down Merry Christmas form the trolls huh? lol Thumbs up everyone else!!
cnsdubie, I love her snarkiness and even so being ever so lucid to just say-so it like it is :)

I own my good friends on here, you adjectives know who you are, so I'm not going to type it all out ;) But Merry Christmas to you adjectives also!

With all the 'attention' your put somebody through the mill as attracted Lisa, how long before your press goes.. ;)
i muse that canalovers- very smart and great answers.

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