"Day 2" My Horse Has A Swollen Ankle?

When I went to the barn today my horse be limping and his ankle was swollen? My horse is 8months ancient and he is with a HUGE mare and she like to be mean to my horse! She bites him and chases him and he is purely terrified of her..he started shaking so impossible he almost fell over when she came in the vicinity him today! I think conceivably he hurt himself from trying to get away from her? The woman who owns the place where I board is supposed to be calling a vet for me.

I go to feed my horse today and he be laying down but he did catch up with a bit trouble. I am planning on calling the vet but I need to know if the female called a vet formerly I go and telephone call another one! Should I have the vet come asap or should I loaf a day or 2 and see if he get any better?
Answers: I would get a vet asap, i dont mess near leg problems on my guys especially babies with growing joint.

Call the barn owner already, you have have plenty of time to do that.

Just call a vet and seize an opinion from someone that can if truth be told diagnose your animal.
Get a vet over right away, don't wait.

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