2 question within one...?

Okay first one, do grooming vacs really work, and are they worth it?

And number 2, What are some high part horse clippers that wont kill the budget?
Answers: Yes on the horse vacs, they are worth it. I use one especially during the winter and if I want to clip but its too cold to go swimming.

For clippers, Oster A5's are well worth the money, not sure what your budget is however. They are uncomplicated to find blades for and are just power horses. I use mine to body clip alot.

EDITED ON THE ADDITION-- I will look for a cooperation give me a sec== however yeah they do receive some of the deep grime out and they do enjoy scrubby curry comb looking attachments. I have be really pleased with them.

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i dont really know what a grooming vac is...

but we dont clip either so im not sure going on for that...
i've heard that the vacs are particularly nice and get adjectives the dirt and hairs if you do it right, but they cost a ton! i close to to use grooming time to check my horse for nicks, bumps, abrasion, and irregular temperatures contained by areas, to indicate swelling. it's a quality time for my horse and me and we bond profoundly through it(like horses grooming each other within a field). so i say no, it is not worth the money. also you own to braid up the tail before you start, and they're a bit boisterous and scary for some horses.
I similar to Oster clippers. As for vacs, they are great. We had them within the show barns and I loved them. They work best if you curry the horse, then vacuum past its sell-by date the excess hair, grease and dirt and after finish with a soft body brush and a bit of Showsheen if you similar to. It's also great when they loose their winter coats. The vacuum really seems to stimulate the skin - I'm a admirer and would recommend one.
if you are going to do a lot of grooming, different horses and really a LOT of grooming, later the vacs are great, but not for just one horse they are strictly pricey, if u r rich get one lol
the oster a5 or golden are apt, and the andis clippers are also really good, i prefer the oster though they seem to be better made somehow.
price wise they are nearly the same and their blades are interchangeable
horse vacs are great! a friend i used to ride beside had one and my horse loved it! (it be the real expensive big blue one can't remember the brand name) it single took one or two uses for him to get used to the hum but after that he enjoyed it and so did i because he's a anguish to brush brushing (paws kicks out and have really sensitive skin) they are also great in the winter for sweaty horses.. you basically put the vac on blow and it's like a big pelt dryer with a hose!
The more expensive vacs are great, especially for dry, dusty conditions or cold weather. They work freshly like a household canister vacuum, beside or without brush-like attachments. Used regularly, the stimulation in truth makes the horse's coat shinier and improved. However, the cheaper vacs just don't hold enough suction and aren't durable ample for outdoor conditions. The pricier ones are usually also quieter, but all are loud plenty that the average horse takes some time to catch used to them. Some horses who don't like self brushed actually grow to prefer vacuuming.

The best one is the Electro-Groom (~$600 on a variety of sites).

As for clippers, I love my Wahl Arco SE cordless ($129 on Amazon). I will never again buy corded clippers, cordless is just SO much easier and more convenient. These are powerful plenty to roach a mane, quiet, straightforward to clean, and one blade efficiently adjusts to 3 different height. IMO, cheaper clippers are a waste of money unless you scarcely ever use them.
Vacs are nice, Clippers I use osters and I buy my clippers from barber shops when they upgrade to new ones. Barbers tend to catch top of the line clippers and recurrently sell still pious working order ones for 1/4 -1/2 the price of brand new.
Ive ahd some wahls they just dont appear as good of characteristic as oster to me
well in recent times brush them you dont need to vacuum them! besides they close to the time you spend on them and the longer you brush them, it feels honest, like a pat you know its very invigorating and fitting for their skin. there are sooo frequent different kinds of clippers out here you could try the wahl clippers or the osters, there are several different styles that are correct but not super expensive! look online under horse clippers and see what comes up! i dont clip my horses, dont want to where i live but i use the wahl cordless one on my pomeranians i also own a saddle and tack store and convey them, they are a popular brand and of good competence!
I worked at a high-end training barn and they had the electro-groom vacuum. It be great! I really wish I have one because with a full time assignment, a kid and a long commute, I really don't have time for hours of "talent time" grooming 4 horses.

I have Oster Clipmaster clippers. I go for the heaviest duty ones because I have to clip a shaggy pony beside Cushing's Disease every summer.
The vacs are great, depending on which one you buy. We actually hold a central vac system. You verbs down the hose and plug it into the wall. It is virtually silent, you never change filter or bags, and you can own a hose hookup at ever grooming station. As for clippers, I always recommend Oster. They are "tried and true" surrounded by my book!

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