Barn Sour Morgan?

So i am 13 almost 14 and have two horses that are MINE. I would b a experienced rider if it be only that i alien how to keep my horse from taking sour. the one horse that i ride most of the time is a morgan and very barn sour. the other is a mustang and okay i have a problem next to the morgan. i was riding the other afternoon and he took off beside me on him and i was alarmed to death he is 13 and im wondering what i can try to do to stop that from occurring next time gratefulness
Answers: Hi Katie
I've had that up to me too sometimes with different horses, and what i did be simple, every time a horse did that to me I did not stop working when back at the barn, I made it work for another 15 -20 minutes, that mode the horse learnes that the barn is actually not that attractive and anyone back nearby doesn't necessarily mean the post is done - only when the brief got done economically the day be over.
well, i know a couple times i be riding and my horse decided to run adjectives the way home when we started heading contained by that direction. i am not sure about the specifics of your situation, but i know what worked for me. I realize after that time he ran from me, that i did hold the same outmoded routine that we followed when we went riding. after we go past that definite spot, he knew we be headed home, and he would only just go dance go, forgetting adjectives about me on his final, haha. well, i changed my routine a great deal when riding. went to different spots, come home a different way, and to drill him who was boss again, i did some "reminding" work on a lunge queue, which i know i had be slacking on for a while. hope this helps, and you gain your problem fixed! :)

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