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Does anyone know where i can bring back simple and stylish western horse show apparel. Everything i see is all over-the-top and mode too glitzy
Answers: If you are needing show apparel for Western Horse Shows it depends on if you are showing at Halter and Showmanship and if it is for Local non-point shows, a simple blazer next to complimentary blouse under and verbs well pressed black jeans (no pockets) if blazer is pitch-black and Khaki if Blazer is light within color, and clean okay kept boots (black if pants are black) will work fine. You want to appear dapper and tidy so the judge is not distracted by a sloppy exhibitor and can focus on your horse.
If you are within riding classes, blouses are making a great comeback. Look for that classic Western Style with some simple embroidery or a few Rhinestones, again in good health fitted yet comfortable for you (you don't want to distract from your riding or your horse). Try to hold on to your blouse and pants similar surrounded by color so you appear to blend from shoulders to feet, if you chop sour at your waist it will make any your hands and top look too busy or your form appear too bouncy.
Avoid patterned or loud colored blouses if you are brand new at this and don't want to stand out yet, if you are a really great rider (quiet hand and seat) and want to get notice go for color and more glitz.
Also it help to try to pick colors that compliment the color of your horse, like if your horse is sorrel or chestnut stay away from red colors (it will construct your horse appear orange) try some colors next to your horse and you will see what looks flawless.
Be original surrounded by your choices you also want to avoid looking like everyone else when riding sometimes the intercede gets lost contained by a sea of slinkies and carbon copy outfits.
Hope this will back you, and good luck Showing your horse.

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