Bob DeLorenzo?

Anyone know how good of a trainer he is? I be looking on his website for horses for sale and I saw a nice gelding for public sale that was inwardly my price range.
I will beckon him tomorrow and ask about his horse, Bert, and so plan, if Bert sounds approaching something I'd want, to go out and look in the stables.
Anyone boughten horses for him before? If so, how be they?
Answers: Out of all the horses that you own posted, what ones have you looked at and what did you or didn't you close to about them.

Then I don`t know we can comment more on these horses to see if they are what you are wanting?

ok EDIT-- so do you know if these ppl will accept payments etc?

The horse is 4 yrs aged, not sure when the add be posted but said rode through the winter. So is that 30 or 60 days or last winter etc??

So if its this winter, the horse is green broke, Sounds close to not even broke to trails, just broke to arena.. Would I buy this and want to put green ppl on it? Nope. If your wanting a horse for your sis, lil more age and experience. I would go by on this one.
Did you check out or You will be surprised how many horses you find surrounded by your area, and it might endow with you a better selection. Also do you own a local hummane society? I adopted a horse and a pony, and my 5 year elderly daugher rides both of them.. and there be NOTHING wrong with any of them! However, be careful becuause you will probably want adjectives of them, and make sure you are getting something that you really want (not something that you get the impression bad for).. I get mine at lollypop farm within Rochester, NY ( the pony was turned surrounded by because the child out grew him, and couldn't ride him anymore, but I paid $400 for him, and he w/t/c/ Drives and jump, and he is 8 years old!

Oh.. and also on the 2 websites, check out the free horses part.. it can be tedious, but I saw some great horses that the owners have to get rid of for money reason...

If you e-mail me your location, I can help you turn upside down.. I just finished up my trip up semester, and need something to do while I hang around for my daughter to go on break.. Good Luck
Not my first choice for $5,'s a buyers bazaar.

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