Blanket snacher?

I have a pony at my barn and hes a tangible butt head he bites peolple but the prevalent promblem is if you let him within the field beside a blanket on he will ruin it and if another horse has one he'll come over and ruin theres too.He's lone five and won't quit terrying his blanket i know he might grow out of it. But what can i do to make him stop he have to be freezing with one.
Answers: If you don't own access to a grazing muzzle, try spraying all the blankets beside No Chew. That way they will savour nasty and he won't want them within his mouth. You can try that until you have time to lay down or pick up a grazing muzzle.
Put a grazing muzzle on him. It will limit the amount of grass he can catch, but he wont be able to bite horses, citizens, or tear blankets next to it on

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