Bute quiz?

So I have hear mixed answers to this and no I haven't called the vet to find out, what the definite answer is so..

How long would 2grams of bute on a 1100lb mule take effect where on earth you get the upmost benefit of it. How long does it last too surrounded by a one time only dose?

My guys NEVER return with sick nor do they EVER do anything to hurt themselves. But Stretch *my main man* is bucking again near his 5th saddle, vet checked and approved, so now I'm trying to see if its mental vs actual backache issues.

So i buted him at 300pm and rode him at 630-830pm to see. He is bucky at a lope only. He doesn't tryout out sore anywhere and the chiro isn't sure what to think of it any. I can hook this mule to cart and hes brilliant, you saddle him and you hold a humongo jerk on your hand.

So tonight, no bucking, but I did pull out the crop too (he have a huge respect for it) and seemed to assuage up more in his lopes and not so bunched up and illustrious headed.

Was that ample time for the bute to work?
Answers: should be. i'm not 100 percent sure on this so dont quote me but i think the kick-off time is 30-45 minutes to an hour. i'm going to try to find a scientific source..

edit** merck veterinary instruction book says 1-2 hours zenith onset beside effects lasting 12-24 hours. can be undamagingly dosed every 8 hours in horses near normal kidney function
Bute can run 2-6 hours to actually see in. I intuitively think the injections work the fastest because it get into their systems so quickly. This is thorny.I am not sure if he is in agony, or just trying to attain out of work. Maybe try lunging him if you can and see if it is the saddle, or maybe it could be the weightiness of a person on their hindmost.

Now I am not sure if you have see this. but I think you will appreciate it. ;-)

Plenty of time for it to work. Lasts anywhere from 12-18 hours depending on metabolism. At 6-8 hours, you draw from the best effect.

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