Bucking issue?

Me and my horse have be doing with pattern for about 3 months beside no problems. I have used spurs on him for going on for 2 and half months. They are not sharp. they are lone ball spurs.

At shows I use pointy spurs. We enjoy only be to one show so far. We were doing a simple model in the lesson ( trot integer 8) and we did it repeatedly because he would NOt turn. He trotted sideways when I cued him to turn. After we did it three times my trainer suggested tapping him on the should beside the crop. I tapped him on the shoulder when he be going sideways and he bucked!

I couldnt believe it because he is like the sweetest horse at the stable. I be so shocked when I walked support to line-up that I was shaking so tough. I knew I have to calm myself down ( for my horses' sake) but I a moment ago couldnt. Please any advice on pattern.
Answers: You shouldn't hit a horse on the shoulder for discipline- that scares the crap out of some of them. My horse can feel it, but a lot achieve really nervous because nearby is no way to avoid it.

You should hit him on the butt with the lash for turning.

Was it a true buck (several pop ups in a row beside his head tucked within and down) or one cow hop (butt pops in the atmosphere for one stride, maybe 2)- horses do this to move their hind finish off over quickly and is newly a movement from loss of balance, inept to move quick ample, not anything desperate, and you will encounter it, especially if you are asking your horse to be more collected or are leaning your cargo to the wrong side.
If he was trotting sideways instead of turning, it may be your slate (not intentionally of course). He may have thought you be cueing him to leg yield, or possibly your match (or his) was rotten and he could not turn. By then disciplining him, he didn't know what he did wrong and get pissed or extremely confused- then started bucking.

Without seeing it start, it is hard to voice why he did it- it could be one of many reason.

Horses pop up or buck occasionally- you rarely return with one that has never done it. You rode your first unseating, and stayed on the horse, be glad.
Horseback riding is a insecure sport, and you always own to be prepared that the horse will not always want to listen to you. The righteous ones keep you on their hindmost when mad, the bleak ones toss you off.
For the spurs, if you usually use globe spurs, and then use ones next to big rowels at shows, no wonder hes bucking. You cant just use a consistent kind of mild ones next go to a show next to new ones you havent used on him. Why do you own the need to use ones beside big rowels? If ball spurs are working for you dont switch over to the severe ones.

You said you enjoy taken him to one show... hes not used to shows. You cant expect horses to be dandy one minute at home, and later take them to a bright place with other horses and enjoy no problems. Horses need adjust time. It was one buck. Why stress? He himself be probably stressed and annoyed with your big roweled spurs and constant drumbeat. He could have be also stressed because of new surroundings.

If your shaking knotty from one buck, have you ever fall off? No horses are bombproof and dont buck. What sensitive of patterns are you doing? you didnt specify

EDIT: i agree next to Bobbi
It sounds like he have a mouth issue...I would get his teeth floated.

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