Breeding Problems?

Ok like i said within my other question im getting a contemporary 11 yr old mini mare. She's 35 inches so shes big. And the empire who have her presently told me that the previous owner tried to breed her and she then these society got her and tried to breed her to in attendance two stallions and she miscarried again.3 times so far. Well she had a foal nearly 5 yrs ago. The lady who have her now said we could draw from bloodwork to see whats wrong. And if shes fine then we can acquire free breedings to her either of her two stallions. I a short time ago want to know what you think could be wrong on why she adjectives of a sudden isnt concieving but she has have a foal b4 so i would think she could again. Hopefully someone can help out. thanks kim

P.s don't let somebody know me shes too old because the ladys one mini mare is 18 and is due to own a baby any min.
Answers: She may be too aged to be highly fertile- I do not expect in age, however.
An 18 yr prehistoric mare that has be bred most years of her life is going to usually be more fertile than a mare that be bred at age 5 and then tolerate sit for years.

Bloodwork alone may not tell you what is wrong, they may also hold to extract a follicle and see if the eggs are damaged- if the horse is miscarriaging a lot- that is nature's passageway of telling you not to breed this horse. Miscarriages can be because of germs, the mare's body rejecting the foal, or even that the foal is completely messed up genetically that it is unable live once born, and the mare's body rejects it that channel.

One miscarriage is a chance. 3 miscarriages resources that is something hugely wrong with any her system, or her eggs.
I don't really know a lot around breeding, but I've heard of mares miscarrying because of cysts.

The best opinion would be to talk to your vet.
First item I would recommend would be a reproductive work up by your veterinarian. At the very tiniest a uterine culture, and biopsy, preferably a speculum exam, and if possible (I know.she's small) an ultrasound. It would also aid to find out when she aborted, or if she be even confirmed in foal. If she be confirmed in foal and later lost it very shortly after, it could be such a piece as low progesterone level, and regumate might assist her maintain her pregnancy. Also, if she be being given pneumabort shots at 5, 7, and 9 months gestation. It could be such a item that she has a uterine infection, or that she's abort becaue of EHV. I'd do a little investigating and find a vet i.e. well experienced contained by repro, not just one that does it occasionally. Good luck.

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