Barrel Horses?

Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could do me a favor?

Could you find me some vat horses not ridiculously priced. as in not over $5,000. and Please do not vote you cant get a well brought-up one for that price because you can. ive found a few.

Look in these states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and south and north dakota.

Thanks everyone. =]
Answers: agree to me do some shopping.but don't mention the top dollar anymore...just a can carry a great barrel horse for smaller quantity than 5k around here because of the market...what age are you looking for? Are are you liable to do a bit of fine tuning? Let me know =) I'll make some phone call tomorrow.

Edit...I live in west river. Will collaborate to my sister too, she doesn't sell firkin horses, but might know of any for sale.

Edit...what brand of times are you trying to improve into? Are you planning going pro or local?
Send me the money and I'll look around. Then you'll enjoy to come get him.

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