Blocking surrounded by horses?? Anyone else have this appear?

Why Why Why
Just because someone is a top contributor doesn't mean that they confer perfect direction.Some people don't similar to comments (which they asked for) when a TRUE fact is pointed out. Especially within regard to self medicating of horses/animals minus vet advice.
Their answer (block them).
By the opening this certain contributor does impart good proposal but obviously can't bear criticism.
Don't dish it if you cant take it.
Answers: nice rant.
you hold a nice point.
Not my fault you can't read my ask.

There was not one entry helpful almost your answer. There was not one point that was even answering my query.

You made assumptions that were definately not true, I enjoy enough problems beside ppl, yup I block even the most remote problem children. You may or maynot be one, but I have satisfactory helpful ppl that any answer my question or email me offline next to help to put up near an answer that you gave.

Next time be practical instead of assuming. Never once was I experimenting by giving a drug not prescribed by the vet, geesh, I enjoy bute, has his designation on it, vet said give it, did I ask how long to pass it before , nope. Theres my examine hun, not whether i was giving some God aweful toxic drug.

You own no clue what i have be through with this mule, others do. I don't entail to listen to BS :)

PS alot of kids are also blocked from my questions ;)
Not adjectives top contributors do this. Its quit nice of you to label adjectives the top contributors who do this..

Ive been blocked a few times, by ethnic group who think here top contributors etc. But the only common sense i know mdollittle or mulereiner would block someone is if they were plain stupid.

So why are you ranting on this? I havent ever see you around here and if one of them blocked you maybe they did it for a root.
Why should you care one process or the other? Does it really impact your quality of existence to have someone here block you? Now that would be really wounded.

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