Body Protector?

I'm thinking of getting a body protector as the horse that I ride throws me off alot. She's a pony (12hh-13hh) that get bullied and doesn't think she can rear (she's good, gorgeous, nice and sweet... She lately has some issues). She have a habit of pulling away. I've be like the lone person who can grasp her jumping.
She wouldn't trample me but I keep hold of hurting my lower back when I hit the ground (Nothing serious, of late bruising. But... Well... I never know how bad it's gunna be subsequent time).
Mum's thinking of buying a body protector but she's not sure if it does a lot of protecting. She doesn't want to buy something if it's not going to do profusely of good.
What do you guys devise?
Answers: I have one and i find it severely good also you MUST hold one if your going to be doing cross country or Pony Club The one i got is the most up-to-date one its very buoyant and has lots of Padding within it but its alittle bit of money mine was $300 but its honestly worth it ! This is the one i bought and i love it!
Hope that Helps!
If you verbs to continue to ride and bounce this animal, you are setting yourself up for an injury.

Along with small stature, ponies come near small mental ability and elevated fear response.

"Oh. But, she is such a sweetheart"

You have an animal that may be adjectives only for ground work for the youngest riders.

Take the cost of the body protector and put it toward an animal more suited for the work you want it to do. Lease your pony out for curriculum for very infantile riders.
If you are falling off comparatively a lot it for sure sounds like a honourable idea to attain one. You want to look for one that is CE flawed and conforms to BETA 3000 level 3 and EN13158.
My daughter uses one of these for college and working surrounded by the fields at home ( end time she fell off she get trod on and didn't even get a bruise.)
I also enjoy a friend who got bucked rotten and actually broke her fund now she will never ride lacking a protector because the Doctors told her to use one.
If you have never ridden contained by one it will take a bit of getting used to so don't a moment ago put it aside if it's not instantly comfortable.
Always wear a hat .
Perhaps its a incredibly good impression.

Why does your pony do this? You should have her looked over by the vet and probably also a horse physiotherapist to see if there is a physical problem for this behavior.

Once you are sure she pass the above get a horse whisperer to see if they can adapt her behavior.

Some horses and ponies are just single minded roughly speaking who they give rides to. If adjectives of the above fail maybe you should sell her on and get hold of a pony that doesn't behave this way. Your Mum can replace a pony but she can't replace you.

Falling past its sell-by date a pony can be dangerous and life span changing. Do be cautious.
I think it sounds resembling a good hypothesis!
I had a couple accident and kept bruising my lower back, and immediately I can't sit on anything for too long because my tail bone is funny!

It's also important to seize something that's comfortable to ride in and doesn't restrict your movement while jump - I find any of Cobra, Tippenary or Racesafe the best.

Racesafe do do jockey vests as well, so don't accidently buy one lol!
Just breed sure whatever you win is up to the highest standard and that you soak up wearing it! I used to see wearing one as a chore but i got a nice one and i love it =]
I totally agree wit Lantern, this pony unmistakably is not a jumper,
why are you trying to force it within to something it is not suited for?
In 6 months you should have have more improvement within jumping skills, i would purely keep going near her in what she's pious at and look for another pony for jumping, would you resembling to do any job you win asked to do?
You need to work next to the pony over the flat a lot until that time jumping. She desires to build confidence. This might help:

And to answer your ask, a body protector would be a good investment to net. Body protectors are designed to absorb the impact of falls, and wills protect your stern. Prices for them can range form 80-300 dollars, depending on the brand.
It may be that she won't spring them because she feels bad balance beside you on her back. I would recommend not trying to step her though. she does not enjoy it and apparently never will. It would be better for you to find a horse that will so that you will have more fun jump. Either way, Yes grasp a body protector if you continue jump.

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