Can anyone furnish some proven techniques/advise for selling tack online?

A list of recommended sites would be conscientious too. Thanks in credit for any assistance.
Answers: Absolutely! Ebay, craig's list, in that are numerous other websites. Just remember how you would want to be treated, morally, ethically and business wise, and you will be ok. If you don't know how to describe what you enjoy, ask someone...just don't brand name it up. I have bought and sold plentifully on Ebay, and you just own to remember, TELL THE TRUTH to the best of your knowledge...if you don't know, right to be heard so...and furnish lots of photos...lots and lots. Be willing to adopt a fair price and be done beside it..there is other someone that is likely to give a fiesta price for a piece of tack if represented honestly and fairly and if you believe surrounded by what you are selling, put a money back guarantee on it.
i enjoy sold alot on ebay as well as bought alot on ebay you might try craig's chronicle also

good luck
This is what to do: I will use a saddle as an example-

Take several pictures of it from the sides, top, front, reverse and the under panel.
Write up a description of it including the brand, size, style and features and list it on EBay. Its uncomplicated to do and you will reach a full world of riders looking for saddles.
EBay will report you step by step what to do.
This is a great way to draw from it seen and carry it sold.
It will be well worth the EBay information bank fees.
I have tried, but near mediocre results. Also they are having some problems beside scammers there and on Craigs account too, so I have hear.
Good Luck!
website specific to your area. Our local website is and we EVERYONE uses it for EVERYTHING to supply, buy,trade

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