Anybody know if nearby is anywhere within the u.k that I can buy western riding gear please?

I need the proper gear as chritmas gifts.(cowboy hat and chaps) not the fancy dress stuff that you find on ebay. Thanks in credit.
Answers: have a travel with "", several others on the net as all right (you can always acquire the address and call contained by ) as a westerner myself. they are very authentic and prices are probable, otherwise try some of the smaller country and western shops, should be one within natural travelling distance from you.
Keep it country.
Hi I dont know of a specific place in the UK that sell weastern gear, but it has to be available somewhere. I lived here for a year (in St. John's Wood, London), and there be a restoraunt there call the Texas Embassy, being Texan, I have to go. There be some weastern gear in within as part of the decor...Have you tried order the things you want from places like Justin's or cavenders? I know that those are a couple of big companies here contained by Texas, and they have websites. I of late dont know if they will ship things out of the US...there is a website call that I know has cowboy hat available. I just search them, and they have a bit of a screening, but I think you are going to enjoy a harder time finding weastern chaps...I ride english, so I know how to find english partly chaps and things, but I can't dream of that weastern chaps will be trouble-free to find over there.

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