A horse's companion?

Do you think it would be a pious idea to return with a miniature pony as a companion for a horse? If not, what do you recommend other than another horse?
Answers: Careful near horned goats. My father kept warning my brother-in-law's mother to return with the goats out of the horse pasture when grain be fed. She didn't listen and one of the billies horned her horse and kill it. Got mad at mortal chased away from the grain and shoved the horn surrounded by the horses belly.

Unhorned goats or ones with down curving horns that can not be used to gore are fine.

Also honest are donkeys and they will defend a mare. Minis are dutiful and they will bond if no other horses are around.

Surprisingly llamas and alpacas are good.

BTW goats can be extremely rugged to keep surrounded by if you have ANYTHING they can climb on anywhere close to the fence. They will stroll up a leaning tree or even the support posts within the corner or the field expected to keep your corner posts from mortal pulled in. Then they will fly over the top. The older plant type breeds were especially bleak about this, though I hold been told newer meat goats such as the boers are not as doomed to failure.
Yeah a mini would be good. Or a goat, Or you can look at horse for Dutch auction websites and find a lot of ripened horses that are free to good homes. But a goat, sheep, minis are adjectives good thinking. We use to have cows to save our horse happy.

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