Any other cute horse commercials?

OK, I feel similar to i live in a grotto. I haven't seen any commercials for any country, agree to alone the US in tons years. Just AFN military programming and hoorah bingo night at the club entertainment. Yippeee!

I never thought I be missing anything until I saw the little donk and clyde commercials. Hell, I'd drink American bear at age 10 if I saw those. How cute!

Are near more of these I've missed? Please (try to) send links
Feel free to run back a few years of more... really I've see nothing.

Answers: a few

this is a scream
These are the only ones i could find. There adjectives budwiser.
funny budweiser comercials
These are my favorites, but I'm sure that there are plenty more out nearby.

Have you seen the Verizon pony commercial too?

I only just saw AMZ post. That Shetland pony commercial is hilarious!
Here is the verison commercial, I love whne she's similar to: " Does he bite?" "Ya".

Here is my fav Budweiser commercial:

a Victorai Secret horse commercial!:

I found this old Budweiser comercial! :

If you enjoy a YouTube account try this cooperation and click the video that is the biggest entitled funny horse commercial , I don't know what it is for but it is funny ( and for a while bad )
If you don't...
((((((the one vid that I want to post i can't acquire to anymore because I am under 18 and its flawed as mature content because within is a guy who is helping breed horses, it isn't fake similar to either! Or conceivably its because he sticks his his hand within the horses butt jeeze! ::::If any one else wants to post it freshly type in funny horse commercial( that's its name), it is by boss707)))

Best wishes!

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