ok thare is a some how to brade a horses hare so you do not need to cut for halter show how?
Answers: You spelled braid wrong. But thats okay we adjectives get your point.

You can braid a horses mane etc close to you would braid a little girls fuzz, but there are lots fancy ways to do so. Here is a chart and step by step system on braiding

Braiding a horses mane gives them a classic look, and let say your horse have a not so great neck? next to braids it can sort of enhance it. If you show this shows the judges you atleast tried.

Ignore rude posters. For halter shows you probably want to verbs your horses mane (You can get specific tools for this). And you also want to go and get a special comb to cut the hair, near scissors it looks terrible.
You should probably fastening the mane.

Here you go-
Ok...sorry about my innovative post.

We're not have the best hours of daylight on this side of the fence.

Anyway, here are some articles that you may find paying special attention:

Just remember that this takes practice, so don't grasp discouraged.

Good Luck!
K.. I just reread what I wrote-
ya Im sry that be really rude and immature of me.
I can own that Im not the best speller...
Sry- I'll be nicer next time.

For an answer Id speak that you should cut it/ pull it. It'll look cleaner, and more professional.
french braid...I don't show but I know it's allowed so that the magistrates can see the horses neck. I french braid for fun! There are seriously of books out there to revise from too if you don't already know how to do it...

happy trails =)
I don't know if it's simply me because I'm an English rider and don't know the style for a U.S halter show... but I was other taught never to cut the mane, but to verbs or solo comb it?

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