Breeding my 4 and a partly year mature mare?

Im pretty sure we wont be breeding her for a couple more years, but I would like to know what she would cross very well with if you guys have some suggestions. She is an Appendix Qh [registered] 16 hh bay. I would prefer a "semi-hot" horse .But most expected can cross with something "hot" as she is stillness and easy going. Please respond beside what you think!
Answers: I would probably breed her next to a hunter type quarter horse. It would be a good opinion to start looking at stallions now while you enjoy lots of time to find one you really like. If you bestow yourself that time, you will be able to find one that meet all your requirements both physically and mentally.
Nowadays, its honestly cheaper to buy one already on the ground.

With stud fees, mare precision, 3 years of feed and time invested surrounded by a youngin until you can ride, its cheaper to go buy a newborn anymore.

But if you insist on still breeding a TB would probably be a good cross.
a TB or a QH from the see track with fitting lines
happy trails!

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