Overdue pregnant mare?

my mare is now 2 weeks overdue she is incredibly healthy and contained by a good condition for foaling she is acting ordinary and looks very usual she bagged right up roughly speaking 4 weeks ago so i thought she was really close and afterwards about 2 weeks ago her teets go right down again and now she is with the sole purpose just starting to pod up now... would this be because she must enjoy fallen pregnant then? ive only have her for 7 months so is it possible the people told me the wrong due date? and also if near was something wrong near the baby would my mare draw from sick or would it trigger labour? im assuming its not freshly gonna stay in near without cause any harm? also its gonna be a particularly big foal as it is a warmblood if its overdue would it just keep hold of on growing? she isnt the biggest of mares?
Answers: First, mares will not produce foals that they cannot physically deliver. Tests were done at the Animal Health Trust surrounded by Newmarket and they implanted Shire embryos into Shetlands and the mares foaled Shetland sized babies that then grew up into conventional sized Shires so I wouldn't worry in the region of that.
The dates could comparatively easily be wrong, happen all the time when citizens are not breeding professionally and are not required to keep nouns tight records. If in that was a problem beside the foal, the mare would become sick quite at a rate of knots because of the toxins that the dead foal would produce and it would head to septicemia (blood poisoning), elevated temp, expulsion of the still birth and most likely founder. You own 2 choices, wait a few more days and if still no sign, ask the vet to come and check her. If he palpates her, it will usually bring on labor that in arrears in pregnancy or sit tight and ride it out.
I expect you should have the vet out to check her and see what's what. except that, it's a waiting game..
Best bet christen your vet.

Lisa* That was awsome to know!
It's a definate possibility that the previous owners could've be wrong. And even if she is overdue i wouldnt really worry give or take a few it. My appaloosa mare was course over due and she had a merry healthy newborn which is now 4 months frail and they are both as hunky dory as they could be.
it is possible that the previous owners told you wrong but i doubt it... get a vet out in attendance... there could also be complications... i also remember during a institution report i learned that colts tend to be carried longer than fillies, which made me guess that my trainers' mare and their son's mare be gonna be a colt and guess what popped outta both- colts! 2 weeks is normal for overdue, but should still be a touch worried, get vet out in that and do his thang ( i couldn't resist typing 'thang'... sorry!).
it does just preserve growing, but two weeks is not too much to worry roughly. If it goes to 3, definately carry the vet out there. Esp if it is her first or 2nd foal, it may be carried longer.

Signs of impending pregnancy: babe shifts down and the mare looks skinnier (1 day tp 2 weeks before). Teats start wax (2 hrs- 2 weeks before). Tail muscles go drooping (~ 2 weeks).

What worries me is that she was bag up and then it shrunk, that could be going to it is a horomone imbalance, so conceivably you should get the vet out sooner. As for bagging up a month up to that time, one of our mares will have a full purse forr 2 months and start leaking a month past
I woudln't worry! I enjoy a Paint mare that is other a month late from her due date. She does that same entry your mare does. I've learned not to verbs anymore. It'll come when it's ready. This year she held out to the sunshine we bred her last year! What a crazy girl.
Two weeks is zilch to worry give or take a few. Even humans can vary by more than that. Occasionally a mare will even shift 12 months (not 12 months overdue just a gestation of 12 months). Which is almost 4 weeks overdue. The oldtimers read out that longer gestations are more likely to be stud colts, though I hold not found that true for my mares.

Check for wax on the nipples. A vet may be able to approximate the birth time. The pouch swelling and then going down again have me concerned. Did you suffer loss of pasture as in a drought? If so that could vindication for it. Also fescue poisoning can cause that symptom. Can she obtain to fescue grass? Is she grazing on it? If so your vet can give her something for that. Fescue poisoning is normally fatal for the foal, unless the mare is treated for it.
it wouldnt verbs too much, The average gestation length (duration of pregnancy) of mares is 335 to 340 days, but can range from 320 to 370 days. There may be much changeableness among mares, but most individually follow similar patterns year after year. Foals are considered premature if deliver at less than 326 days of gestation and usually require instant veterinary attention. Mares foaling before 310 days are considered to hold aborted. Many breeders will subtract the expected foaling date at 11 months following the last breeding date. Some mares will gestate longer than 11 months; however, this allows for a lesser amount of "surprise" foalings in undesirable conditions.

There are different traits which can influence length of a mare's pregnancy. Studies have shown colts tend to gestate 2 to 7 hours of daylight longer than fillies. The nutritional plane of a mare also has be shown to have some influence on gestation length. Additionally, mares foaling during the belated spring and summer months (long days) tend to have a shorter gestation length than those foaling within January or February. Exposure of bred mares to artificially lengthened days during the latter third of gestation has be shown to shorten gestational length by about 10 days.

again i wouldnt verbs too much, most of my mares dont foal until 2-3 weeks after their due date. there is still nil wrong with have your vet check her out, but i dont think he'll be too worried any. yes it is possible that the owners calculated her due date wrong or told you the wrong due date. but, contact your vet, ask him the same question you ask us, and see what he says, vet usually know best :o) good luck and congrats on your unsullied baby!!
What's up to you isn't all that uncharacteristic actually. A lot of vet in my nouns have be saying that horses for some use are going over by at least 2 weeks this summer. I don't know why. All the mares at our barn be at least 2 weeks behind time if not 4. We have one due around April 29th and she didn't go until mid-May and another have to be induced. Have the vet come out to check her out and if it goes on longer than a month you should plainly think of have the vet come out to induce labor although it can be risky for mom and baby.
call for vet

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