Best 4x4 for towing?

What's the best 4x4 for towing an Ifor Williams 505 with two 14.2s contained by it. Total weight bulk would be max 1700kgs. THX
Answers: I have have a F250 1996 with a 460 motor auto tranny, and it be sweet. It was a solid truck and never gone me. I traded it when it had 150,000 miles on it and tremendously little was done to it and still running solid. I just traded it because we couldn't pass a gas station, it SUCKED the gas!! I ponder hauling, it was surrounded by the 5mpg range.

I own a 2001 F250 7.3L diesel, manual tranny. Its a sweet truck. Its be solid, have have some repairs to it, but it has 130,000 miles on it immediately.

The newer fords with the 6L diesel are not getting apt press. They are having problems beside them, such as poor gas mileage and not as much power as mine. I am hanging onto mine, its a upright motor, good nouns, at least thats what the mechanic tell me.

I have owned chevys, but it be the 6.2L diesel I believe, they aren't making that motor anymore, thank God. It was a second-hand goods truck, never had so tons problems in my energy and so many mechanics that couldn't diagnose problems sour it.
I have towed horse trailers adjectives over this country and I would only reccomend two make. Dodge or Ford. The Ford tranmission is a really good nouns and they have plenty power to get the living done. The Dodge has a really suitable transmission and motor but seem to be a bit more comfortable than the Ford. I have a 68 Dodge that have been wager on and forth across this country 2-3 times now. It still runs and can still verbs a trailer.

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