Best Horse Coffee Table Books?

What are your favourite horse coffee table books?

I'm torn between "Spirit Horses" and the USDF Guide to Dressage, LOL.

They necessitate to be English themed or generic horse (feel free to offer apposite Western suggestions, but I'm not doing a western theme contained by the room).
Answers: There is a fantastic coffee table book called Racing Town. It's by a womanly artist that went around Newmarket and painted some of the great old stud farm and racing yard. Included is Palace House Stables which date back to the 1700's and belonged to King James - they are immediately derelict. I worked for Side Hill which has be on the same site for nearly 200 years. It's a particularly classy book, fantastic paintings and of late very informative.
I certainly adore the USPC Guide To Longeing and Ground Training. I bought it so I could learn to correctly use a surcingle and side reins to relief my appy bend and track better while working in the round pen. It orked wonders next to Biscuit and constantly is on my end table in the living room. I ponder I've read it about7 times in the concluding month:) Also I have Ruffian: Burning From The Start and the Barbaro books out. I kow they aren't Coffee table books but folks truly flip through them when I leave them out!

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