Why is the Albino gene fatal contained by horses?
(something I read on Wikipedia)
Answers: It is called a toxic recessive. Some argue it is a dominant allele but that show a lack of intelligence of the real functions of dominant and recessive.

A dominant allele is not simply the one that shows up surrounded by the heterozygous (that is an old definition or one that laymen use). A dominant allele is one that contains a recipe for an enzyme that functions. In most cases this allele is the one that shows up contained by a heterozygous since the other allele (recipe) codes for a faulty enzyme. However contained by the case of the white horse the dominant allele code for an enzyme that creates a substance used contained by more than one location. The substance is produced if the horse has one allele for majority color and one for white, BUT not in sufficient quantity. Since the other uses of the substance are more important than mane color the product is used there first departure little or none for hair color. Thus the horse is white if in attendance is only one copy of the white allele and one of the color allele. However, if two allele for white are present afterwards the horse dies because it lacks critical substances which control development. Thus the horse dies shortly after birth.

White can also be have by being homozygous Frame. But those horses roughly lack the final few inches of the large intestine and die shortly after birth because they can not defecate. This is not the gene that wikipedia is discussion about.

The albino breed does not bred true. In reality, roughly 25% of their offspring die of toxic recessive, 25% come out colored, and only 50% of their daughter are white when you cross two 'albino' horses.

And ruredy2 is not correct. Homozygous Frame causes the blind colon but fatal white is from the 'albino' breed.

Paint girl.

I use for the basics. The albino horse registry (I believe their site and possibly name have changed). Various textbooks and websites that I can not at present retract because the books are at conservatory not here. The last time I looked into this be about a month or two ago, when someone else posted a grill on albinism. Had to go vertebrae to the beginning consequently as everything changed. Now specifically what doesn't add up to what you own read?
Oh there is no such item as an overo gene. Overo is a laymens term which refers to any non-tobiano paint. There are two certain genes that fall into that category. Frame and Sabino. Sabino does not incentive the lethal recessive. Only Frame and the 'albino' which is in actuality white not albino. Rereading your answer, the reason they are not complementary is probably because you are speaking of a different gene. You are talking something like paint horses but lethal white is in actuality not a paint gene it is found in the american albino horse registry and is a gene that cause a white horse when you have a heterozygous individual. That is where on earth the discrepency is probably to be found.

Correction the percentages I quoted are for Ww (albino) horses bred to Ww horses. However tons horses in the breed are in actual fact cremellos, smoky creams, and a few double frames which do survive at times, there may even be a few maximum expression sabinos within there as powerfully. All homozygous 'albino' horses abort, are still born, or die shortly after birth.

BTW It is a common mistake and even printed contained by some texts that Lethal White Syndrome is from the Frame gene. This is because of confusion over the 'albino' gene. It is presently known that the two genes are separate and are given separate name. LWS is technically from albino while lethal frame is from the frame gene.
I'm contained by no way and expert at horses! But my parents have some paint horses and a mare that was prego. It be albino baby and died inside a day or two. We be told that when they are developing that they dont develop a colon. But like I said, not completely sure!

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