Barrel Racing Gender Ratio?

What is the male : womanly ratio in barrels?

I've never certainly seen a masculine barrel racer, but I know they exist. Just wondering if barrels is masculine dominated?

What about reining?

In North America the English disciplines hold more ladies, just wondering nearly the Western disciplines?
Answers: I have n't see a male over the age of something like 13 here going around the cans.Reining here tend to fairly masculine oriented,it be the new mid enthusiasm crisis toy for awhile.
dressage and hacking capably top heavy beside females.
I think campdrafting would be the solitary thing (competetive)that have a fairly even split down here,though females are creeping into polo I've notice.
I don't know the actual ratio, but around here, there are moderately a few of male drum racers. My barrel trainer and her husband both tub race adjectives over the midwest. Her husband is the only man surrounded by the top 20 in our circuit.

I don't know of anyone who does reining around here, so I can't be sure of that one.
However I hold heard of masses female reiners that compete contained by Texas. There are probably more women reiners then men tub racers - that's just a guess.
the more competive smooth you get surrounded by barrel race its for females. The only club that i really know that promotes guys for doing container racing is 4-H. At least possible in my nouns its considered a girl sport.
reining I mostly see guys do it. But i'm a female and I do reining. I see rather a few females reining.
I hardly see guys showing contained by western pleasure. Also in english but contained by my county there's only one other soul
besides me that rides english. The other person is my "riding
buddy" is a feminine.
In ranch horse shows mostly guys show within it.
Barrel Racing is dominated by women but there are some really obedient men that race. They mostly show surrounded by the Futurities. That is where the money is anyways. Google Tamalge Green, he is one of the best.

In Reining, it is the men. I don't know why explicitly is. Lots of women do pleasure and that kind of cast-offs.
I don't know the ratio but I believe that the barrels are more female dominated. I know it's a crude residence and not always apply's, but down here within Texas the term "Barrel Whore's" gets' thrown more or less a bit.

In the PRCA barrels and break away roping and goat tying are the female orient while Team Roping, Tie Down, and Steer wrestling are male orient with solely one woman being a troop roper with the PRCA...shes a well brought-up family friend of mine, her first name is Krista.

As far as reining goes, it's unsophisticatedly evening out. The pro or open shows however are dominated by males while most women are competing contained by the non pro, limited, and ameteur events. Cutting is alike. But there are the upcoming highschool and college females starting to create a move up.

However, if you do look at the Western Pleasure classes, these shows are ruled by women.
Where I am, I hardly ever see any manly barrel racers, except surrounded by the pros.

Also, most poeple neck-rein, that is, steer near only one appendage.
The only horse sport where on earth I have ever see the ratio of men to women be about 50/50 is trail riding. However once you refusal the booze on the ride, the men disappear and the women prevail. It is a shame there aren't more guys who stick next to horses.

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