Bored surrounded by the arena?

i get soooooo bored surrounded by the arena! so here is my rutine
warm up
dressage stuff
flying front changes
boring huh?
any segestions?
no jump my horse is 19 so be easy on him lol =]
gratitude soo much
Answers: Don't you just dislike intensely being bored surrounded by the arena?

Here's some fun ideas of things to do!
-ride bareback!
-Go on a nice Hack or Trail Ride once within a while! Take a friend to make it even more pleasurable!
-ride sturropless to improve harmonize
-have somebody longe you (if possible) and ride without reins, putting hand on hips, straight out, closing eyes with arms out, etc.
-do around the world-- wear you turn 360 degree in the saddle one method, then move about the other way
-Do a butt or pole bending pattern for fun! If you don't know them, look it up on google! Don't own to be pro at it to have fun!
-Serpentines (sp?)
-Do grid work and trot poles

Have fun! I'll come up next to a few more ideas!
Any unpredictability to ride outside...?

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