B Bar B saddle?

Is this brand of saddle pretty decent? Does it enjoy okay quality leather? Does anyone hold a B Bar B saddle? I am looking at one off of tack trader and she said they'd embezzle $125 for it.


I know that it is not the best quality saddle.
Which one do you approaching better? The B Bar B, or the one below?

^ unknown maker, $150.
Answers: I ponder the bottom one is better quality even if it is elder.

The top one, looks cheaper.

Its hard to speak what quality the leather is, you really hold to touch it and see and believe it or not, smell it. Cheap leather can smell like urine, especially from over sea.

I would say your safer bet is the bottom one, trademark sure they guarentee the tree to be solid on it.

You will not know if it fits your horse until you get it, so hopefully you enjoy good luck nearby.

I agree that the bottom one appears to be of better quality, but did you thought that both of them are 16" saddles? That is rather large and usually for a pretty apt size man or plus sized lady. I hatred to be so personal, but does that description fit you? If not, you probably need to hold looking. Are you planning on pleasure riding only, showing, gaming, what? It depends on what you are going to use it for as resourcefully. If you are, say 140 lbs or smaller quantity, you really need a smaller saddle, voice a 15" or even a 14", depending on how large you are.

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