How much for this horse?

How much would you pay for this horse? He is mine and I would never ever flog him but I am getting a lot of folks telling me how much they reason he is and it is really mixed. Basically I am just curious how much he would be worth in a minute even with the horse open market being the style it is. He is a typey 4.5 year old purebred arabian. Both his sire and his embankment were from Bey Shah out of Bey el Bey. He have some Bask in at hand and other notable horses. I don't know much something like pedigrees but apparently he has a really worthy one. I looked up the horses and most succeeded either as show horses or sires or both. He have been trained beside Parelli and has nearly 120 days under saddle in a minute and 60 days of pro training. The other 60 days he has training but not pro. He have not been shown on the other hand but I will eventually. What does that do to the price? He is super sweet and willing. English,western,bareback, for a time bit of jumping so far (though he will obtain more because that is what I want to show him in)
Answers: Wow sounds nice. I'm an arabian human being and as soon as you say bey el bey or bask the price is automatically high-ranking, if your selling to an arabian person who invests within breeding good lines. I would right to be heard at least $15,000 as he is in a minute. If you show him in AHA (arabian horse association) shows the price will be in motion way up if he win.
Price is really high. Everything u said and the picture describe everyone hes expensive.

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