Antares, Devoucoux, Butet, Hermes, County Stabalizer, or other?

What hunter/jumper saddle do you think is best? Also, I am immensely petite and have short legs. Which brand would best accomodate this? I want to buy a used saddle and don't know if I am going to be capable of find a short flap in my price collection. My current saddle's (a Dover circuit pro) flap is way too long for me and places my calf right lying on the theigh block and I don't want this to happen within my new saddle. I estimate I am leaning toward an Antares... I hold only hear good things almost it. Thanks!
Answers: 7 weeks ago I ordered a saddle from Devoucoux. I went on their website and found my local rep, who I call. She wanted a picture of my horse untacked, next a picture of me standing alone, and a picture of me on my horse where my leg be positioned how I would want it to be. She asked me lots of questions, be very charitable and helpful, and put surrounded by my order for a saddle right away. I believe they hold 3 different options for flap length, position, and size, and they are a short time ago so accomodating to make sure they establish the perfect saddle for you.

She sent me a demo saddle to ride contained by while mine was individual made, which was the exact saddle I'd purchased, so I could see what it would be similar to. She also sent me 2 other demos of different styles so I could try them, and let me use the one of my choice for the 2 months it took for the saddle to come surrounded by.

My saddle just arrived this week and it's gorgeous; they call to make sure I loved it, and my representative is coming from Michigan to Ocala, FL to generate sure I love it, and to see me ride in it! Lovely citizens, my dad (the financier of this whole debacle) be VERY dubious about spending approx. $4,000 on a saddle when I'd be riding in a used St├╝bben he bought for something like $800, but it is absolutely worth every penny, he and I both agree.

Their service is excellent, they really watchfulness about getting you matched next to the best saddle they can find for you, and they're awesome about connecting you near a used/demo saddle too, if you want one broken in for a few hundred dollars smaller amount. The leather is incredible: mine is all calf-skin, which is sort of the middle-of-the-road prospect (grain leather, calf, or buffalo are the options I believe) and it's grippy satisfactory to keep me surrounded by perfect position when my pregreen pops me out of the tack.

In certainty, when I inquired about the buffalo for extra grip, my rep refuse to sell me a buffalo saddle, on the grounds that she said it would be course too grippy unless I was doing stadium jumper, and that for amateur a full-calf saddle was much more appropriate, that I could move much more smoothly although the leather would still stick me in the tack. Most seller would encourage the buffalo upgrade, which would earn them a few more hundred dollars comission!

I couldn't voice a foul thing give or take a few these people, their tack is gorgeous and so watertight for my seat, I'm hugely tall near a very long leg, but the previous owner of my horse be quite petite beside a short leg and had a Devoucoux as economically, but with a different flap setting and form size!
i love my antares! i have have two (only because i grew out of my first one) and i have loved them both. those saddle will last forever becuase they are made of great materials and are made really economically. i bought both of my saddles used and they be in excellent condition. and the society are really good to business deal with.

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