Anyone turned thoroughbred into container racer?

Hi everyone! I am new to this page but I hold been reading the posts and I love it! I enjoy been riding jumper for 9 years and have competed up to 4'6". But to be honest, I'm sick of the politics involved within the show world... I just come back from the NFR surrounded by Vegas (it was amazing)! My fiance and his home own a cattle company and they all rope. I'm thinking of trying to firkin race as it looks close to a lot of fun and looks pretty demanding (I love challenges). I be wondering if any of you have have any experience with thoroughbreds individual barrel racers. My mare is 16.2 hand and is a stout, big boned girl. She loves speed and turns on a dime (in jumping courses). She is also really cowy which make her an all around girl. I want to try something that isn't going to be as expensive as showing but is also going to be tons of fun! Selling my horse for a quarter horse or such is unthinkable as I've have her since she was 2 (she's 8 now). Thanks for your assistance!
Answers: I think you should do it. My mare is Appendix and she is one of the top horses surrounded by Ontario right now. But i would recommend you go and get a trainer and learn to do it properly because within is alot more to it than it looks and if you take your turns wrong and don't set up for your horse properly you can break her especially because she is a longer thinner boned horse. You may say she is big boned but thoroughbreds hold thinner bones than QH's etc no matter what. But i know lots of TB's that drum race. And even if she turns out to not be that dutiful at it at least its a make over and at least its FUN! well-mannered luck Merry Christmas!
I have see some really big horses run barrells so it can be done. And if she has some of the foundations for it, jump for it. I ride hunt and western pleas. but grew up in 4-H doing EVERYTHING beside my horse and it can be done. Have fun with your horse.

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