Another saddle interview..?

Okay.. so I've found a couple more saddles that I really similar to and can't decide!
^^$150, nice vintage saddle
^^ $140, for saddle lone.
^^$150 Seller says awfully comfortable.

I am looking for a saddle only for trails, and pleasure riding. Please tolerate me know what you all muse about them!
Answers: Hi in that! All of these saddles are nice but I would suspect the first one to weigh a ton! It's an antique saddle and appears to enjoy a lot more leather and riggins than the other two. However, do you know what type of bar you need for your horse? The ending saddle says that it have full quarter horse bar which would fit a really yawning horse. However, the second one gives no information. I'd ask for measurements of the saddle before buying any and you can google: template on western saddle height which should give you a righteous idea how to standard your horse to see if it fits. I know you said you are only using it for pleasure/trails, however, you still involve to find a saddle that fits your horse!
Good luck and hope it helped for a while bit!
If this is your first saddle, you should find one locally around you and try the fit for you and your horse. It is difficult to fit a saddle just by looking at it. Have an experianced individual come with you and see that it fits you properly. Then ask them to tolerate you barrow it, or as for a written return policy that you can try it on your horse, maybe even ride contained by it once or so and see how it fits. I would never by a saddle without riding within a similar one to make sure that I like it first.

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