Bad communication from vet :(?

I thought you all might be interested within knowing the results to the vet check on the mare I had my heart set on, Star.
Everything be great with her eyes, snout, heart, lungs, stomach, mouth, and hooves. So I was thrilled next to that! The vet said she was for a moment thin for her nibble, but nothing that's serious.

THen we moved into the arena and I lundged her on a lundge string both ways (trotting). Well, the vet saw that she was showing the signs of lameness (raising her come first when her left front leg hit the ground). So I didn't conjecture much of it, for I didn't notice it until it I really looked unyielding, so I thought maybe it be because of the rock hard horse droppings surrounded by the arena (teehee didn't have time to verbs the barn before the exam).

Then come the flexation test. Her two right legs, she said be in great condition, but, dolefully her two left legs be not. She has arthritis within both, and has controlled range of motion within both :(

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Answers: I'm not even going to take the time to read the other answers, but congrats on the pre purchase exam...if you have already purchased the mare and then found this out, next my answer would have be completely different.

The reason for the exam is so that you don't construct a mistake, so...don't make it. This is not your mare nonetheless, and you have all the same to take responsibility for her welfare...hang on to looking...if she was already yours, it's kinda close to a kid, she's yours. Please don't feel guilty for looking is what, within my opinion, you should do.
I am so glad you have a prepurchase exam done. Even if you still want to get this horse at lowest you know what you are in for.

If you want to show, this may not be the horse for you. If you simply want a companion...

Good luck and good hunting if you are still looking for that fundamentally special horse. And I do think you should look for another horse. My gelding is 14 and have no signs of arthritis, 10 is still very young-looking for a horse. Sorry
do you know what could of happened if you didnt arrest that in time! Very virtuous for getting her checked out!...It's ok...its not the end of the mare have front leg problems to wear I couldnt even ride her because she limped so discouraging..I fixed her up.did what the vet a farrier recommended and now she's butt racing.

Check near your vet to see if its ok to give her some bute to assist with the discomfort for the arthritis..ask your farrier if there are any benevolent of special shoes that will help her out...and up to that time you ride her warm her up really worthy before you draw from to the serious stuff..
how old is this horse and what do u want to do?

if you want to be a competitive rider, you definetly want a horse that can slip away a vet exam...
if you want to get into it by adjectives means budge ahead there are so heaps supplements that can help beside that kind of point, IF you know she will be in a dutiful place if you dont buy her then by adjectives means look for another horse BUT if you arent sure dont tolerate her end up at a slaughter auction because she requirements a lil extra TLC.
Good Luck

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