Am I wrong to be annoyed that a 2nd yr vet student snuck a horse into self carn barn minus coggins?

I'm even more annoyed because this girl is a supposed trainer and the one person she's giving course to is basically giving me flak because I "minded" the vet students business. Really, my interrogate should be, how do I deal near these idiots. It makes my time at barn, when they are in attendance, irritating.
It's unbelievable to me that someone could enjoy so little respect for the others in this self assistance situation. Obviously, this girl is an expert at manipulating the elderly barn owner. what do you cogitate?
Answers: I agree with Joe. If everyone took the attitude that their horses come from low incident areas, blah blah, the country would be rife with it and a vet student should know better. If they be in Kentucky, at hand would be serious legal implication for their actions. I would give an account the owner that they too could also be in hot river depending on state statute and that if anything happens to your horse or anyone else's, they will adjectives be held liable. It's not a question roughly speaking being over zealous or annoyed, it's a press of responsible horse ownership and everyone playing their part to net sure that there are no outbreaks of serious diseases - that's why near are restrictions and laws surrounded by the first place.
That vet student is selfish, uneducated and irresponsible. Coggins is to horses like AIDS is to humans. She wants to have her butt kicked (by one of the horses, without a doubt!).

The owner of the barn needs to be informed. If she does zilch, then the form department needs to be informed. If at hand is a breakout of coggins because of this, there are going to be lots of folks losing their horses and lawsuits, and who knows what else may come in the order of.

Don't just sit in attendance. Be pro-active about this. If anyone's ambience are hurt, they'll get over it! Such stupidity currently is uncalled for.

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You need to start calling relations,,, like animal control, police, department of agriculture, anybody you can estimate of reporting it too. I dont think it is even permissible to transport a horse without a current coggins on public roads. I would also easily bring up that if the un tested horse did have it the other horses would be quarantined by the state and potential killed. The owner of the property that know of the problem but did nothing would be liable. This have nothing to do near minding your own business, this is about protecting your property.

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