Can horse riding interfere with the sensitivity of your clit?

I have read that it can.
What do you guess?
I ride every day, is this too much?
How regularly do you ride and do you get sore down here?
Answers: You shouldn't be getting sore there- you are balancing yourself incorrectly- mine isn't even touching the saddle.

All of your shipment should be on your butt and seat bones- you should not be paired on your crotch. If you do- yes, you are going to get sore and probably bruised, I contemplate that would hurt quite a bit, and because it hurts, I guess it could lower sensitivity.

Make sure your shoulders are posterior, your stirrups are the correct length, and you are sitting on your seat bone (or the motto- stick out your boobs and butt, and pretend you are stuck up) for the correct form position.

I ride 2 horses 4-5 days a week.

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