Book to bring to horses beside stuff I requirement to know?!?!?

Hi im makeing a book to take near me to horses fol of stuff such as good grooming tips to helth what are the problum or moset inportant things that that you close to to know at horses any thing that I mite involve to know??help!!!
Answers: Don't listen to the rude those about the spelling point! There is a spell check on the top of the box you type in surrounded by case you are unsure of how to spell something.
As far as the book go, I would go to your local library and check out a bunch of horse books and see what they right to be heard about adjectives of that! Just be sure to put it in your own words!

Good luck! =]
First rotten, purchase a book on grammer and spelling! There are many books already written on the topic. Browse on Amazon and you will find adjectives sorts of books that are very advantageous.

Happy hunting!
First use the spell check function so other people can read what you write.

There are tons books on horse care, jump to the library and see what they have.
Hey Kik S, that's funny. You're going to 'make' a book. If you don't use spell check and cram how to properly form sentences, no one will be capable of read it. I think you're messin' near us.

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