Ariat Top Boots?

I am trying to find a top boot for dressage comps, and I found the style I like, but I dont know what the difference between these 4 boots. They look duplicate, but the type and price is different. Does anyone know the best type, and the difference of them??
Answers: The first set seems to be a vastly basic duet. Does not zip up and probably more humiliated. The second pair does closure and has more choices contained by sizes. The zip up boots are like mad easier to have and to work next to when it comes to putting them on and taking them off. The third couple has the chance of a zipper or not and a lot of choices within sizes. The forth pair does not enjoy a zipper but it seems more advanced than the others when it comes to comfort. One item you have to look at is how comfortable will they be when riding and when you enjoy to walk surrounded by them. I have a set of two that is ok to ride but, hurts to totter in them at adjectives. I myself regret buying a pair that does not closure up because it takes more time to put them on and also take more people to assistance get them rotten.
For my dressage, I don't like to use the lace up boots (eve though i own a pair but they are reverse entry) I like the posterior zip ones.

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