Are nearby some empire contained by "horses" beside 2 profiles? There come across to be...?

There seem to be VERY similar question being asked by what seem to be 2 different people every so regularly, and I think it simply wastes people's time if they're answering 2 question the same, merely phrased differently.
Answers: Ya know, we really need to stop answering these transposable questions. i've started looking up one and the same questions and long-gone answers and putting in a join to them. I think when you type a interview in, it even tell you if there is a similar one!

As for two profiles or more, I be thinking the same article. I found some person near a 42% correct answers with a low rank.
I think it's more close to people don't want to shift back and read ancient questions and find the answers to theirs at hand. I'm guilty of that too, you always gain fresher faces and somewhat different answers when you ask the question again.

And then as you would expect, theres those idiot trolls who make tons of profiles a short time ago to annoy the crap out of normal those. (Though I'm far from normal. ;] )
Since i did my ending event for the season, in October, I started looking at this forum, as a method to "make it through til spring" lol...
I did not create much of a profile when i first started, and later night go in and updated, including creating a "blind name". I noticed the answers I have already given , now hold my new eyeshade name...not the one I originally used. 2 profiles on a q & a net site seems close to overkill to me too.

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