Advice on lunging?

i've lunged before, but not profusely and now i involve to do it by myself with my TB gelding (mum and dad know nothing). i know adequate to be able to do it correctly and without risk but does anyone have any fitting advice as to how to do it?
Answers: Alot of apposite advice to yur give somebody the third degree. 30 minutes seems a bit much though...I would hang on to the sessions much shorter...10 minutes each approach. He should never be allowed to lolly gag about on the lunge vein...when he is working he is WORKING! He needs to move forward beside pokey weak pony stuff. Other than what the other respondants have said, the horse should NEVER be allowed to come surrounded by toward you. I see people do this adjectives the time and it makes no sense to me. One of the reason we lunge is to establish a "pecking order" establish a mental control or dominance over the horse. By allowing the horse to make an impolite move by coming in toward you while on the circle totlally negate the entire session. It would be the same as cross tieing your horse and allowing him to come loose whenever he have had adequate of being tied up. Once you allow the ohorse to come surrounded by toward yu on the circle you have negated what "whoa" way. When you say whoa it way whoa and he should learn to stand quetitly, right where on earth he is while you coil your line and come surrounded by to him. Also keep the canter and galloping to a minimum...he can do that on his own out contained by the field. Do alot of transitions from stride to trot, trot to canter, canter to trot etc. make sure to reward him beside a big pat, when you have finished the direction he be going...then step into the circle, lead him contained by the other direction and then linge him that passageway.
well stand at the point of the inside shoulder to build the horse go round and maintain the lunge rope with rather slack so it is not dragging on the ground but so it is not pulling the horse.

It depends on how your horse has be taught to lunge but i hold trained mine to be voice commanded by woo and trot walk canter you know adjectives that lol.

Ok well purely relax and if you need to verbs the horse up do lol, oh and you should lunge for 20-30 mins no longer or they can tie up lol and what you do on one side you should do on the other to build up equal muscle so like 10 on one side 10 on the other.

Good luck hope this help lol
i train my own horses (western) and i start them in a round pen,i use a bull rope(1 inch sticky x10 feet long beside a quick release latch)and a buggy thrash for starting horses in the round move the horse forward move at the rear the shoulder and give a cluck or move the lash behind the horse to start a walk(two clucks for trot and so on)to stop you step within front of the shoulder and give a low soft whoa near a slight pull and release next to the rope to bring the horese to a stop with the horses organizer and back alligned beside you.step to the other side or use the whip to turn the horse and confer a dont need a round pen,my horses are usually particularly skittish or are not used to mortal around people so i inevitability walls to contain the horses attention and focus it on will need a smaller rope or lunge splash but the cues are the same.dont pop the lash it is just an extention of your arm and save it down below your waist or you will get a horse that throws its skipper in the heavens.always enjoy someone who can keep an eye on you when lunging,they dont own to help you beside lunging it is for your a good posture and preserve your head up.hope this help

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