Any fitting hunter horses for public sale contained by Texas?

I'm 14 and looking for a hunter horse. I have shown profoundly in former times. Due to my bad luck contained by the horse-buying market (I bought a horse near UVitus, he's now blind), I've single been showing a project horse contained by walk/trot divisions. I need a horse that's at tiniest 15hh, and can jump 3 foot. I'll be starting of in the 2'3" class, so it's alright if the horse isn't continuously jump above 3 feet. But it does call for to have that potential. I don't own much money to spend either, so I can just afford something around the $6,000 range. Does anyone know of any horses practical theHouston area that are for public sale that could fit this description?
Answers: i would be willing to bet you $50.00 bucks that i could bestow you the name and number of a soul that would have exactly what you are looking for surrounded by Katie, Texas
average price $5,500.00 and you would not call that character. it appears to me that 90% of the kids on here looking for horses aren't really looking.

just approaching i suspected it has be 2 days and you haven't contacted me for the number for the person within katie that has the hunter jumper
I will consult ADRIANA & will let you know !!

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