1 ? bout saddle and 1 ? bout horses?

saddle ?: im cleaning my saddle today and i was wondering do you do the saddle soap first consequently saddle dressing.(thats how i think it go but just checking)

horse ?: is it desperate for an old horse to enjoy a rider ride bare pay for or is it better to ride w/ a saddle? (i ride him with a saddle but really want to ride him uncovered back...will it hurt him?)
Answers: 1. you use the saddle soap after the dressing!:)
2. When you ride a horse bareback your not sapose to do along time riding with no saddle because it hurts at hand back more and also beside a saddle and without stirups! So i would say-so yes it would hurt the horse more getting ridden bareback unless its at walk after you should be fine! :) And if you were wanting to ride bareback at hike,trot,canter i would get a bareback wad im getting one so ill agree to you know how it is:) Merry Christmas!
I use saddle soap first then a dressing. Think here are all within one cleaner/dressings so it depends on the products you're using. IMO, saddle soap's one of those "ain't broke, don't fix it" things.

Re bareback riding: A lot depends on the horse: How old? Any stern problems or swayback? What kind of rider are you? If you're bouncing around profoundly, it's probably not great for an elderly horse's back. Why not try something inbetween a saddle and bareback? There are bareback pad which give you the close contact you want but still cushion your horse's vertebrae.
You may not know this but it's better to ride an older horse bareback. About the saddle you're doing the cleaning within the right order. Good luck beside your horse!

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